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About SustainableEnergy

About SustainableEnergy

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About SustainableEnergy

About SustainableEnergy

SustainableEnergy is a national Danish NGO. SustainableEnergy is a public member based organization with 2000 members. Founded in 1975 and since then been aiming for 100% renewable energy in Denmark. In 2010 SustainableEnergy changed its name from Organization for Sustainable Energy, in Danish Organisation for Vedvarende Energi (OVE). Consequently, the former abbreviation OVE still occurs in several places.

Activities in Denmark

SustainableEnergy’s main activity in Denmark is to inform and disseminate information of renewable energy, energy conservation and ecological issues. We publish a bi-monthly magazine, run campaigns and projects, and are active on the political scene concerning Danish energy supply and energy consumption.

The Energy Service – our biggest activity in Denmark (In Danish: Energitjenesten) – was established in 2005 as an independent energy consultancy service run by SustainableEnergy.

Through 10 local/regional offices The Energy Service is present and able to run activities throughout Denmark. The aim is to promote behaviors and decisions that save energy and change energy use to renewable energy sources – not only at home, but also at the workplace and during transport.

International activities

Since 1992, SustainableEnergy has had a wide spread international engagement. We have implemented 25 energy- and environment projects in 10 different countries which have involved thousands of people.

Common for our projects is how they are organized. This how is a precondition for a successful implementation. Hence, our work focuses on capacity building of our local partners in order to identify, plan and implement projects.

From 2011 SustainableEnergy has entered into a Program Agreement with our main donor the Danish International Development Agency (Danida) running from 2011 to 2014.

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