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Chefen for FN’s miljøprogram, UNEP, advarer mod skifergas.

Achim Steiner, UNEPs direktør, udtalte 27/2, at øget brug af naturgas ved udvinding af skifergas, vil forsinke omstillingen til lav-carbon energi, der kan begrænse drivhuseffekten og forhindre katastrofale temperaturstigninger.

Læs den fulde artikel på engelsk:

Head of UNEP issues stark warning on fracking

The head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has issued a stark warning that shale gas could put severe strain on global efforts to limit climate change.

Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP and Under Secretary-General of the UN, was speaking at a high-level ocean summit and also voiced concerns that switching from a fossil based industry and economy to natural gas would delay the renewable energy transition and the implementation of a ‘green economy’.

The shale gas industry has experienced a significant boom in the second half of 2013 which has seen uptake increase in the USA and parts of Europe.

Speaking about shale gas at the oceans summit, Steiner said: “If it is used as a means of not investing in the transition to a renewable energy economy then I think it will become a liability in our struggle to meet climate change targets over this century,”.

Steiner argued that the increased use of natural gas through fracking was delaying the transition to low-carbon fuels that would limit greenhouse gas emissions and avoid the catastrophic temperature rise that this would eventually cause.

Kilde: climateactionprogramme.org

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