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EU must do more to tackle legal breaches of Chinese companies in Europe

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EU-China leaders’ meeting: EU must do more to tackle legal breaches by Chinese companies in Europe, say civil society organisations September 2020 The European Union needs to step up its actions on violations of EU law by Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in Europe, warned civil society groups working in southeast Europe today (1), as European…

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VedvarendeEnergi, Klosterport 4E, 1.sal, 8000 Aarhus C

Contact SustainableEnergy is a public member based organization with 2000 members.The national secretariat, situated in Aarhus, is responsible for management of national and internationalfunds, our website and other central activities. Project groups and other subgroups are working on a number of specific activities concerning everything from monitoring EU policies to preparing new information campaigns. Major…

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Numbers and facts

SustainableEnergy - numbers and facts

  Numbers and facts SustainableEnergy’s i work receives grants from several institutions, donors and private members. The annual turnover in 2011 was 4.0 mil Euro with additional long term commitments from EU and Danida. Fundings are primary set by both Danish and International project grants covering several years. Ex Danish Electricity Saving Trust, PSO-funds, Danida…

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Vision and mission

SustainableEnergys vision and mission

Vision and mission Our vision is 100% renewable energy in a sustainable world. As a Danish NGO we naturally have a strong focus on Denmark, but energy, climate and environment are global issues. Especially in developing countries, the need to create new strong solutions for development without repeating the environmental disasters of the developed countries…

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About SustainableEnergy

About SustainableEnergy

About SustainableEnergy SustainableEnergy is a national Danish NGO. SustainableEnergy is a public member based organization with 2000 members. Founded in 1975 and since then been aiming for 100% renewable energy in Denmark. In 2010 SustainableEnergy changed its name from Organization for Sustainable Energy, in Danish Organisation for Vedvarende Energi (OVE). Consequently, the former abbreviation OVE…

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SustainableEnergy in English

SustainabelEnergy - in english

SustainableEnergy in English SustainableEnergy works for 100% renewable energy in a sustainable world. We are a member based NGO with activities in Denmark and in developing countries. SustainableEnergy was created in 1975 as a protest against plans for nuclear power in Denmark under the name “Organisation for Vedvarende Energi” (OVE). In 2010 we changed our…

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