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Stadig flere virksomheder skifter til vedvarende energi

Ifølge ny rapport arbejder over halvdelen af verdens største virksomheder med at reducere deres udledning af drivhusgasser og øge brugen af vedvarende energi, selv om de ikke er forpligtet til det, men fordi det kan betale sig.

GLAND, 16 January 2013: With discussions focusing on renewable energy (vedvarende energi) at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi this week, a recently-released report from Calvert Investments, Ceres and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) shows that most of the world’s largest companies are not waiting on governments to embrace (tage til sig) renewable energy and lower emissions.

The report shows that a strong majority of Global 100 companies have set a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction commitment (reduceringsforpligtigelse), a renewable energy commitment, or both.

Vedvarende energi er godt for forretningen

“Nearly two-thirds of the largest global companies have committed to reduce emissions and increase their use of renewable energy. It’s more obvious than ever that businesses recognize that clean energy makes good business sense,” says Samantha Smith, Head of WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative, adding:

“They see value in diversifying (sprede) their energy supply, securing long-term energy price certainty that protects them from volatile (ustabile) fossil fuel prices, and realizing large cost savings, particularly on energy efficiency investments.”

Rapporten konkluderer:

  • 102 companies from the combined 171 companies in the Fortune 100 and Global 100 have set GHG reduction goals (60 percent).
  • Of those, 24 companies have set specific goals for renewable energy use (14 percent), with others using renewable energy to meet their GHG goals.
  • Many companies are shifting from purchasing short-term, temporary Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to longer-term investment strategies like Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and on-site projects, indicating a long-term commitment to renewable energy and reaping the benefits of reduced price volatility.

The report was prepared by David Gardiner & Associates with the guidance of WWF, Ceres, and Calvert staff.

Rapporten kan hentes (downloades) på www.panda.org/powerforward

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