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SustainableEnergys vision and mission

Vision and mission

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SustainableEnergys vision and mission

Vision and mission

Our vision is 100% renewable energy in a sustainable world. As a Danish NGO we naturally have a strong focus on Denmark, but energy, climate and environment are global issues. Especially in developing countries, the need to create new strong solutions for development without repeating the environmental disasters of the developed countries is imperative.

How to halt climate change

Denmark is one of the few countries in the world that has practical experience of how to reduce carbon emissions, following the development of its wind power sector during the 1990s into one of the largest in the world. This adventure was only possible because there was and still is a political commitment towards green taxes and green investment. It was also absolutely crucial that civil society and the business community were, and still are, involved in the changeover.

In SustainableEnergy, we believe that Denmark should set the agenda and guide the world into becoming free of fossil energy in 2030. Our energy vision includes proposals for 40 concrete decisions for Danish politicians to adapt. The proposals are highly relevant for other industrialized countries.

Sustainable resources for all

In 1992, the countries of the world committed themselves to a sustainable global development at the Rio summit. We need to keep the world to that commitment. The challenge is biggest in the developing countries where poor people are subject to negative consequences of climate change.

SustainableEnergy's international work is about demonstrating in practice how we can achieve a more just and sustainable world where poor and underprivileged people have access to clean, affordable and sustainable energy resources and urban services. To achieve sustainability, it is critical that the poor can influence the environmental conditions that determine their livelihood.

Please read our international program for more information.

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