cop19 corporate capture
cop19 corporate capture

COP 19: Klimaforhandlinger må op i gear

I dag er en række miljørganisationer udvandret fra COP19 i protest mod de dårlige resultater. INFORSE (International Network for Sustainable Energy), som VedvarendeEnergi har udsent, har udgivet følgende pressemeddelelse i sympati med de udvandrende. Heri opfordrer de COP19 forhandlerne til at geare op og sikre resultater i forhandlingernes sidste 24 timer.


Climate negotiations must gear up, we understand walk-out

Today a number of our NGO colleagues have left COP19 as they see the process moving backward. They see no point in staying to witness the countries going further away from the absolutely necessary concerted actions needed to address climate change.

Unfortunately we can only agree that on most major tracks, no progress have been achieved, while some industrialised have cut back there ambitions on reducing emissions, even during the period of the COP19. We have a lot of sympathy with the colleagues that walked out today.

We hope the walk-out can be a last-minute message to the negotiators to turn the negotiations to a constructive mode, leading to agreements on continued international climate funding leading to not less than $100 billion by 2020, to immediate start a debate of the equity that must guide global agreements on climate action, and in general set the timetable and framework for a global climate agreement not later than 2015.

We see substantial support for our call for transition to efficient and sustainable use of renewable energy, and the call for development with access to energy for all in a sustainable way. In particular we should emphasize decentralised use of sustainable energy that mitigates climate change.

We hear support for this from the government delegates we have met during the COP19, as well as in many of the official speeches. This gives hope. But now we urge the governments to turn their support into action and make the agreements needed before the end of COP19. There is still time.

For more information: call INFORSE coordinator, Gunnar Boye Olesen, +45-24269933.

Warsaw, November 21, 2013

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